RC Champion Winterjacke Alaska

RC Champion Winterjacke Alaska

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The presented ALASKA fitted women’s jacket is a thin slipover which can be easily folded and packed away. It provides comfort and warmth on cold days without being an additional burden during training sessions. The flexible finishing under the armpits and in the lower part ensures great comfort during activity. 

 Jacket is beautifully finished! On the right shoulder is inscription "rc champion" and on the left shoulder is bit
The jacket has a hood and two functional pockets

ACHTUNG! fällt knapp aus. L 40 XL 42 M 38 S 36 XS 34

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RC-ALA-0017 S schwarz - grau - weiss
59,95 € *
RC-ALA-0034 M schwarz - grau - weiss
59,95 € *
RC-ALA-0051 L schwarz - grau - weiss
59,95 € *
RC-ALA-0068 XL schwarz - grau - weiss
59,95 € *
RC-ALA-0102 XS schwarz - grau - weiss
59,95 € *
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