INVICTUS Equality Pad

INVICTUS Equality Pad

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Invictus Equality Pad

The ultimate protective pad with the option to correct slight imbalances. The Invictus Equality Pad has two pockets on each side, where inserts can solve temporary fit issues. The inserts are available separately.

  • The D3O® protective layer with the patented intelligent molecular structure is at the heart of the pad.

  • The Invictus Equilibre Pad has two pockets where inserts (each 3mm thick) can strategically solve temporary fit issues. (Equilibre inserts are available seperately for Front or Rear.)

  • The extremely durable microfiber top fabric is specifically designed to be non-slip.

  • A 3D spacer textile on the underside of the pad delivers excellent heat- and moisture management.

Fits Saddles 16” - 18”
(designed to use under Dressage- as well as Jumping saddles)
Colors: Dk.Grey / White / Brown

Care Instructions: Hand wash only. Do not machine wash/dry. Dust is also easily removed with a micro-fiber cloth.

The D3O® protective layer is engineered to perform under a wide range of temperatures. In very cold weather, the material can harden if the pad is stored in the tack room. It returns to its pliable state within a few minutes, during warm-up.


Basic Pad


For use in the Invictus Equality pad, each insert is 3mm thick and cut to fit either front or rear pockets. The inserts are available in Front, Rear or Mixed sets, with 6 inserts each for the Front/Rear set and 8 inserts in the Mixed set (4 x Front and 4 x Rear). The inserts material is Phylon, a high-tech foam that is ideally suited to provide the desired lift and support without being too hard or rigid.

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