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Viscoelastic Memory Foam inside

Weight 3,5 kilos. With body heat and weight, Memory Foam adapt perfectly to the body and distributes weight in a more balanced way relieving stress and muscles tension with feeling comfort. Ergonomic sewing help the weight rider's distributing the pressure done by the body on the pelvis, allowing hours of easy use: The abductor muscles are effectively supported, thus optimizing the balance on the saddle, amortizing the concussion and naturally supporting the rider's balance even over very hard track.

Sprechen sie uns bitte wegen der Zusammenstellung der Lederfarben an.

Auswahl: PODIUM ONE - *NEW*

Artikel-Nr. Groesse Status Preis
POD-1-0001 16L"
1.250,00 *
POD-1-0002 16"
1.250,00 *
POD-1-0003 17"
1.250,00 *
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