PODIUM Sattelpad Sympatex polsterbar*

PODIUM Sattelpad Sympatex polsterbar*

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The Technologic


The main feature of TT materials, is that there is an hallow space in their structure, so that a perfect passage of air is allowed both through the hallow space. This hallow space allows perfect skin perspiration and guarantees a very efficient natural heat insulation. The PODIUM saddle cloth has an improved in the design with a more innovative and technical approach. This saddle cloth is easily opened for changing internal padding. It is dry–back and anti-slip and has more anatomical features for your horse. This new aggressive design will not disappoint you. Just seeing is believing! Reinforced with Kevlar®, Additional padding can be requested with the Equalizer® Apart from this, TT materials have other important features: Higienic: Their peculiar airy structure not only strongly, reduces sweating, it also avoids humidity from staying inside the material thus reducing bacteria proliferation as well. In order to obtain even better results specific antibacterial treatements can be made; Washable: Thanks to the composition of their structure, not only are they easily washable, they also dry very quickly; Resistant: Thanks to their 100% PES (Polyetheresulfone) composition; Recyclable Feature that must be highly considered now in order to protect the environment

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