SETZI Narami A or B*

SETZI Narami A or B*

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- Weight 2.6 kg, made with pure and fine italian leather, black or brown flaps, high or low cantle. It is possible to add weight to the saddle up to 9 kg with an extra price of 20 euros/kg. Flaps are 36 cm long and preserve the whole leg. Both front and rear bananas allow a greater balance in extreme positions. You can use the saddle without boots or gaiters. There are 3 little “bridges” at the back so that it is possible to add the cruppet or a saddlebag. It is a highly technological saddle, modified and improved as a result of studies and tests carried out in collaboration with the rider Marco Sardo. Mainly used for endurance or equestrian tourism.

  • The saddle comes with saddle straps included. 
  • The price of the saddle in leather is for standard colour only (black). It is possible to make the seat and banana in different colours. Additional price for seat and banana in different colours : 10%

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SETZ-NAR-0001 size 4
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SETZ-NAR-0002 size 1
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