ZALDI ENDUR Light - Special Edition




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This is an ultra lightweight endurance saddle by Zaldi.

Although only weighing approximately 2.5kg this state-of-the-art close contact endurance saddle is built on Zaldi's Evolucion T+T flexible lightweight high tech semi-flat close contact endurance tree, with a 10 year guarantee. Also, despite its low weight, this endurance saddle has a double latex semi-deep seat for -maximum comfort and latex rubber panels. An air vent is incorporated in the centre of the saddle to allow some airflow and help keep the horse's back/spine cool.

Made in Zaldi's acclaimed Z-Plus synthetic fabric - which is easy to maintain, comfortable in all temperatures and is available in a wide range of colours (see options). 

Note; we recommend the purchase of the special matching lightweight saddle flaps/stirrup leathers which are supplied as a separate item.  Also lightweight (only approximately 0.35kg) safety cage stirrups in matching colours are available as an option - these are the same as on the 'Vila' (endurance world champion) endurance saddle.

in Kombination mit einer guten Unterlage ein Sportsattel für den Distanzsport


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