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It is a standard, comfortable saddle pad with double fleece (50% wool and 50% Polyester), suggested  saddles with flaps, high density thickness to avoid ulcers, DryF padding.
Netting made in Europe antibacterial, antifungal, with the peculiarity of not retain moisture. Keeps the horse’s back ventilated and less humid. It dries very quickly

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Sport HG

Cotton Hoodie für den Sport

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EQUIPMENT for Endurancerider


It does not matter if enjoyable riding in the company of friends, sports competitions or even long endurance rides.
We equip you for your goals!
Here you will find everything about distance riding, from sporty and professional equipment to various special
We carry a full range and constantly strive to offer the latest products on the market in a timely manner. We are happy
to provide personal advice.


- Consultation and selection of matching saddle models for the endurance sport
- Checking the saddle fit
- computer-controlled embroidery and team clothing
- Equipment of events with bows, cups and awards
- Showroom and Online Shop
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